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real estate transaction management software
Real Esate Transaction Management Software 
AgentWise Transaction Management Software is a web-based transaction and document management application for realtors and real estate brokerages. 

In the modern world of the quickly evolving internet, web applications are quickly becoming the standard for customer software. Users of the past purchased expensive licenses for difficult to update software that ran on limited platforms. Keeping pace with this rapid change in software technology, AgentWise Transaction Management Software, is a robust web application that provides a performance based cost structure. This means that the customer only pays for what they use, no more 100 user licenses for a 20 agent office. Not only does AgentWise Transaction Management Software scale to the size of the office, but AgentWise Transaction Management Software doesnt even require an office. Both Agents and Brokerages can access all their data online through any popular web browser. Agents can work from the road and Brokers can pull up late night information at home. Information in the system is not just limited to addresses and closing dates though. All of the paper documents related to a purchase or sale are stored electronically.

AgentWise Transaction Management Software significantly reduces paper records in the management of real estate transactions. Gone are the fat manila folders with paper falling out the ends. Documents are easily scanned and dropped right into the browser from the users desktop. There are no more paper documents to lose. Brokerage office overview is a simple click to review, and documents are accessible from anywhere. Realtors and brokerages alike can realize the benefits of a web accessible application.

Realtors can expect gains in productivity and customer relations because all of their files are at hand anywhere they have access to an internet enabled computer. Most realtors spend a lot of time doing two things, on the road showing properties while scouting sales and communicating with clients over their cell phone. When a client calls, if the realtor does not have their paper file on hand, they may not be able to fully provide answers to the clients questions. With AgentWise Transaction Management Software, realtors can access information and documents from a web enabled computer or smartphone. Realtors benefit from a single location that contains all of the information about a transaction. Communication between agent and client, always a complaint of customers, can be vastly improved by friendly reminders and to-do task tracking.
AgentWise Transaction Management Software users can configure any number of custom rules that allow them to personalize communication with their clients. An example of this might be a trigger to generate a task called: Call client and let them know their house is now in the local paper. This task is created when the status of a transaction is set to Property listed in print media. Agents contact, task lists and calendar can be synced to existing Microsoft Outlook software to facilitate the easy transition into a new program. Agents with smartphones can sync their Outlook contacts and tasks to their phones giving them complete coverage of customer information from AgentWise Transaction Management Software to Microsoft Outlook to their cell phone. Giving agents better access to more information will improve their customer service and productivity.

Brokerages can expect significant gains in document storage and handling. All AgentWise Transaction Management Software documents are stored electronically for easy retrieval. Long term storage prevents important documents from getting misplaced or destroyed. Many brokerages have storage facilities full of paper files in boxes that are required to be stored for many years. AgentWise Transaction Management Software immediately recovers the cost of this physical storage by keeping all files secure on redundantly backed up servers. Not only are files safe and secure, but they are easy to locate and review or print another paper copy. It would take a single office staff-person hours to dig through boxes and boxes of documents looking for one sheet of paper. AgentWise Transaction Management Software also facilitates the document exchange between realtors and their brokerage so that agents can effectively transfer the necessary documents of a transaction. Many offices review documents of junior agents and passing folders back and forth is both time consuming and error prone. With AgentWise Transaction Management Software, a realtor can request a document review with a couple of clicks. A brokerage staff member can review it and make notes with a couple of clicks and there are no paper copies to pass around.

Brokerages can also benefit from other Broker tools designed to reduce the workload of office staff. Handle more transactions with less staff. Brokerage offices can manage print advertising for all their agents from one screen. Staff can review advertisement copy, make changes as necessary, and print a customized report to be submitted to the advertiser. The Ad manager also alerts staff to any missing information as well as past dates the advertisement was run. Another broker tool to make administration easier is the commission module. Commissions are calculated easily for single or multiple agent scenario and commission percentages are automatically calculated based on rules in the commission plans module. An agents annual net commission is calculated automatically and an appropriate percentage selected from the list of ranges. Commission plans are fully customizable and can be set independently for each agent. Agents commission fees can also be automatically added to commission calculations for recurring fees or individual customized fees can be added separately. A printable commission disbursement report details the exact calculations that result in the agents commission check.

Software support and training is an often overlooked necessity in the world of increasingly complex software. AgentWise Transaction Management Software is the exception incorporating an entire community site to not only assist users but to allow users to collaborate on issues and develop the best solutions. The AgentWise Transaction Management Software support community has how-tos, an entire user forum section and voice-over animated tutorials for common tasks. Users will no longer be left out in the cold searching for answers.

AgentWise Transaction Management Software has been designed with the intent to partner with many advertising and real estate websites to provide AgentWise realtors with a broad range of target clients with very little leg work. Partnering with sites such as Trulia, Zillow can increase exposure while including county tax information and MLS data can provide additional tools in selling homes. AgentWise Transaction Management Software is a constantly evolving application keeping pace with the real estate industry. Improvements and further add-ons come directly from agents and brokerages engaged in the business world.Not only can a brokerage and its agents make significant gains in customer service and quality transactions over a paper system, AgentWise Transaction Management Software can give strong competition to other software solutions in the marketplace.
An online application provides the best features of popular software in an easily transportable package that gives users access to the information when and where they need it. Realtors lives are made easier by keeping all of their information organized, at hand and safe from coffee spills and misplaced paperwork. Electronic document filling systems protect documents for both brokerages and realtors making them safe and easy to retrieve. Broker tools assist brokerages to manage an increasing number of agents and staff with less work hours.
All of these features make AgentWise Transaction Management Software an all encompassing solution for todays fast paced real estate industry.

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