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Transaction Management Software

Realtors benefit from a single location that contains all of the information about a transaction. Communication between agent and client, always a complaint of customers, can be vastly improved by friendly reminders and to-do task tracking. AgentWise users can configure any number of custom rules that allow them to personalize their communication with their clients.

Document Management Software

AgentWise significantly reduces paper records in the management of real estate transactions. Gone are the fat manila folders with paper falling out the ends. Documents are easily scanned and dropped right into the browser from the user’s desktop. There are no more paper documents to lose. Overview by the brokerage office is a simple click to review, and documents are accessible from anywhere. Realtors and brokerages alike can realize the benefits of a web accessible application.

Real Estate Professional Features

We believe that AgentWise Transaction Management Software offers not only great current feature, but a growing roadmap of the most progressive features that will help keep you and your organization on the forefront of the industry. Always ahead of the competition, you will have a single place to run your business operations. The Real Esate Operating System for all of your behind the scenes heavy lifting.

  • No special hardware to buy
  • No special software to install
  • Up and running quickly and easily
  • Full training including documentation and videos
  • Drag and Drop Uploading
  • Microsoft Outlook and Cellphone Integration
  • Mobile and Smart Phone accessible
  • Complete Document Storage
  • Complete Task Management
  • Complete Contact Management
  • Ad Tracking
  • Commission Tracking
  • Wofkflow Routing
  • Drip Marketing Campaigns (roadmap)
  • Customer Communication Portal (roadmap)
  • ...and more!

Do you have a great idea for a future feature? Let us know!

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Transaction Management Software News

Oct 28, 2014 - 2:55pm

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Nov 19, 2009 - 3:40pm

In the modern world of the quickly evolving internet, web applications are quickly becoming the standard for customer software. Users of the past purchased expensive licenses for difficult to update software that ran on limited platforms. Keeping pace with this rapid change in software technology, AgentWise Transaction Management Software...